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Living Joy

 organic wellness for body, mind and soul

Wholistic Therapy Options

The affects of stress and strain on the body and mind are more well known, what to do about it though, still remains a bit of a mystery to some. Here at Living Joy we specialize in helping to bridge the gap between the human DOing and the human BEing. The following services are meant to help compliment and increase the benefit of any self-care routine or to introduce those who are new to the wellness industry a gentle introduction to services a little more wholistic than those of a typical spa.

Relaxation Therapy

Not to be confused with Massage Therapy, Relaxation therapy is a variation of counseling, focused towards your stress cycle and your individual needs with the intention of helping to set a plan in motion to allow you, your power back over stress.

60min / $90

Healing Session

A combination of wholistic healing and stress relief modalities meant to help clear, empower and heal your body, mind, soul and spirit.

Often includes modalities such as Reflexology, Reiki, Varrying types of Massage, Aromatherapy, Relaxation Therapy and more...

60min / $100

90min / $150


An energetic healing modality proven to bring about relaxation, allowing the body the opportunity to heal itself. A great treatment as well for those who want relaxation but are sensitive to touch.

Cost varies by practitioner

Call for more information


Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is an alternative medicine involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. Believed to bring about relaxation, energetic flow and aid in circulatory and lymphatic benefit.

30min / $70.00

60min/ $90.00

Indian Head Massage

 Ayurvedic Indian Head also benefits the whole body in a physical, mental, and energy aspect. Including massage of the face, neck, and shoulders, IHM

stimulates the Central Nervous System

Reduces Headaches, Migraines, and Neck/Back Pain can Stimulate Hair Growth, and Strength while

Clearing sinuses and draining the lymphatic system. 

30 min / $70.00

45min (with oil) / $80

Sinus Drainage Massage

Utilizing pressure points along the face and neck,  combined with aromatherapeutic benefits and hot towel treatment, lymphatic flow is stimulated and drainage begins. 

A great treatment for allergy, cold and flu season, sinus pressure and mucus build up. Made easy by a shorter time frame, this treatment allows for an affordable lunch-rush relief.

15min/ $20

Migraine Aid

With the benefit of trigger point release and massage techniques, aromatherapy and the use of both hot and cold therapy, migraines are aided with a little TLC

Made easy by a shorter time frame, this treatment allows for an affordable lunch-rush relief.

15min/ $20

Infrared Sauna

A NASA technology, the infrared sauna benefits the body from within. Infrared rays permeate through to the inner core, triggering a "false fever" and pulling toxin from  deep within the cell itself. Increasing blood and lymphatic flow and detoxification of the body. With the added benefits of chromotherapy (light therapy) the infrared is beneficial for seasonal deficit, anxiety, depression, cold and flue season, blood pressure, body pain and so much more!