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Living Joy Wellness

Bridging the gap between the Human DOing and the Human BEing

Advancement in Wellness

Living Joy has been providing wellness services since 2010 and providing high quality services and care for your well-being remains our utmost priority. It is in keeping with this we are proud to now offer you both new advanced relaxation space and technological options for self care! 

Inspired by works from Tesla to NASA, our new wellness sessions and rooms have been carefully designed by our founder following both surveys and one on one conversations with clients regarding individual needs and wants. 

From pain relief to relaxation, we are happy to offer these (client-inspired) new age solutions to all.


Powerful, scientifically proven playlists for relaxation, sleep, pain relief, emotional issues, Parkinson's and PTSD. Also found to be helpful for MS and Fibromyalgia. A fantastic compliment to the ZEN room, Far Infrared Sauna and Sound Therapy Bed sessions. Choose your playlist today.

Complimentary with the above

 mentioned services

Availability: Hinton and Sackville locations

Sound Therapy Bed

Utilizing the auditory response of the body and the highly sound transferable properties of the water within the body, this scientifically designed bed uses sound wave vibration to trigger response healing and relaxation within the body.

With dozens of playlists to choose from, the sound bed uses the combination of science and wholistic to aid in pain relief, anti-anxiety, emotional imbalance and much much more.

30min/ $10

60min/ $20

Availability: Hinton and Sackville locations

Infrared Sauna/ Body Wrap

A NASA technology originally, this dream of a session helps to calm tense muscles, detox and aid in the relief of pain and inflammation. A dry sauna which allows easy adjustment of temperature, utilizes chromotherapy for health (colour led light) and aux input music player for enjoying your favorite meditation or spa music.

A warm hug for the days you need it most.

Excellent for release before or after a massage.

30min / $20


Muti- Session Packages available

Complimentary with any service over 60min

Availability: Hinton and Sackville locations

Ion Detox 

"Negative ions catalyze metabolic functions and make the absorption of valuable oxygen and water into organic tissues possible. This process stimulates and facilitates the elimination of acidifying free radicals and improves permeability and decluttering of cellular membranes. Through this decrease in surface tension nutrients, enzymes, water and oxygen can operate better in the intracellular fluids while residues can exit more easily. This results in deep stimulation of the blood and lymphatic circulatory systems for increased efficiency in eliminating waste."

30 min/ $60

Packages available.

Availability: Hinton

Infrared Belt

Utilizing Infrared waves, this technology is a smaller version of our infrared sauna. Benefits include, boosted metabolism, circulatory and organ function.

Helps aid in the relief of joint pain, muscle fatigue and pain such as back pain, waist ache, menstrual pain and muscle strain. Boosts immunity.

Included with Ion Detox Foot Treatment and Ion Detox Pedicure. 

Add on to any other treatment $5

Availability: Hinton

The Zapper

Due to an alkalizing and ionizing effect on the physical body with the detoxifying ionic bath, the Zapper works by generating a positive offset frequency. Using a Zapper for as little as seven minutes can incapacitate bacteria, viruses and parasites; aiding the body's  healing process.

Included with Ion Foot Treatment and Ion Detox Pedicure

Add on to any other treatment $5

Availability: Hinton location

ZEN Room

Designed to provide you with a perfect space for meditation and "me time". 

Comfy blankets, cushions, music and ZEN decor provide a quiet reprieve for those who need some time away.

Tuning forks can be rented to aid in your meditative experience.

30min /  $20

60min/ $30

Availability: Hinton location only

Relaxation Area

In between services has never been so comforting! Our new Relaxation area allows you to come down from the outside world before a service, slowly integrate back after your service time or continue the flow in between sessions. Help yourself to a cozy blanket and a warm tea while we prepare your next session of pampering.

No additional Charge

Availability: Hinton location only

Wellness Classroom

Reach for the sun, stretch your wings and expand your awareness in our new Four Elements Classroom during a peaceful class, workshop or meditation. Rent the space yourself for your own workshop, yoga class, day retreat or group gathering. Connect with us to build a special event tailored to your needs.

Pricing dependent on class, workshop or gathering

Availability: Hinton Location