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Living Joy Wellness

Bridging the gap between the Human DOing and the Human BEing

Our Products

Your Wellness is our first priority. This means we care about our choice of products used in your services. 

As an Eminence Organics Green Spa, we not only ensure that we are making the choices which are best for 

the environment, but also for your well being.

From Organic Skin Care to Personalized meditations and everything in between, 

we provide you with the best one stop shopping for mind, body and soul. 

Watch the calendar below for notification of events and promotions in your area!

Listen in...

Interested in taking your at home care to the next level? Grab your favorite Eminence, JoyDrops, Wildfire and ScentsbyMaggie and create yourself your own at home sacred space with a touch of Living Joy atmosphere via our actual in house playlist.

Our Calendar